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Current Projects Coming Soon is how it all started. I had the idea back in 2014, when I was studying Networking Technologies, and a part of my course was Web Development. Back then, I just created a simple website as a college project and gave up on the idea due to my personal circumstances. Since then I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in relaxation and meditation, so I decided to give it a go and reanimate my old ambitions to make use of both my college degrees and what I’m trying to pass forward using them.

The website is coded entirely by hand to be as light, private, secure, and search engine friendly as possible. I’m not a professional developer so it’s simple and limited in what it offers interaction-wise, but it’s all about content we present.


Progress so far...

We work hard to make our websites useful and usable as soon as possible. However it doesn’t mean we will stop when we reach 100% of our initial development goal. This is just the beginning…

MeditAid Mindful is an extension of the first website and it packs a lot of features complementing the main content. In there you will find a lot of resources such as Q&A / Discussions forum, guided meditations, relaxing music, nature sounds, inspirational tweets, other social media content, and later, even online courses.

Also guided meditation series will be placed there, designed in an original way to bridge the gap between the Eastern and the Western approaches which both have their pros’ and I don’t see why not to benefit from them.

MeditAid Store

As the name suggests, it’s our own store where you can buy audio CD’s and downloads with any content you see on MeditAid Mindful and much more. Any profits from sales go directly to paying the costs of this project.

MeditAid Digital

This is an IT semi-professional branch of our company offering IT related services for small projects. We’re going to be cost effective alternative to those costly full-time professionals. 

Our Team Dedicated to make a Difference

Lukasz Moskal Member / Director
Web Design & Developement
Content Production


“Up to our ears, literally…”

Artur Zerdzinski Member / Director
Web Research
Forum Moderation
Fall Back Roles


“Don’t talk. Do!”

John / Jane Smith Future Member
Guided Meditation Voice-over
Causes Promotion
Content Writing
Keeping Us Sane


We are open to new members for our little organisation to make it grow. If you’re interested in putting a little work into this project for sake of its causes, please contact us.

Our Causes And what motivates Us

What is This for?

Our main cause is to Deliver Means of Stress Relief to those who need it. We to this by providing our audience with useful information on methods for Relaxation and Mindfulness. In the future we’ll be reaching out to those in need. That’s of course when our circumstances allow.

We avoid using slogans like “Medicine for Your Soul” or “Path to Enlightenment” because many people for one reason or another aren’t convinced those things are real or practical, or even are discouraged from exploring such matters. Those people deserve to know how to lessen their stress as much as those who consider themselves “Spiritual”. After all, that’s what happens, even when someone relaxes with some simple breathing methods, and there’s not much need to label it in a way not agreeable to very significant portion of humanity.


As for our motivation, it comes down to a simple fact of life, that helping others is usually good for you. You may loose a lot in the process or you may gain rewards right away. Anyhow you grow and that’s a motivation great enough.

We are a Non-Profit CLG company so we won’t see any financial gains, but – at least for me – to help others who need it, brings more joy than buying and having stuff.

Working on this project helps us make progress on our own journeys as well. For example, after I started to work on this project, I noticed I’m more objective towards myself, having had to look at some matters from different perspective, a one that applies to anyone, not just me.

In fewer words, results of our work motivate us.

Our Details Who We are formally

Full Company Name:

MeditAid Company Limited by Guarantee


Republic of Ireland

Register Number:


Business Model:


Date Registered:

30th April 2021


Private and Donations


Lukasz Moskal, Artur Zerdzinski

Office Address:

77 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02XE80, Ireland.

Phone no.:

+353 85 205 1500


Contact Us Have Your Say

Here, at MeditAid CLG, we value your input and opinion. Your feedback is valued and appreciated as the purpose is to satisfy our audience. If you have any questions, comments or requests, you’re more than welcome to contact us. We will respond to your contact request within one day.

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